Chattanooga Newborn Photographer – Identical Twin Boys!

I don’t know how many sets of twins I’ve photographed since becoming a newborn photographer in Chattanooga, but it’s quite a few.  Maybe it’s because I have endless patience or because I have a set of twins myself, but I absolutely love working with multiples!  However, in all of that time, this is my very first set of identical twins!


Chattanooga Newborn Photographer


Cash (without the hat) and Presley were older newborns at their session.  It’s cold and flu season, and a lot of mommies wisely choose to keep their babes home until they are a bit bigger and are better able to defend themselves against illnesses.  Usually, I prefer babies to be between 5 and 10 days old for their newborn session, but beautiful sessions can result from babies who are older than that window!    These two little guys are a perfect example of that!  Presley was pretty sleepy the whole time, but Cash fought for awhile before he succumbed to my charms.  And let me tell you, that little fella has a crush on me.  I swear he does.  I was absolutely over the moon for him – he just hung out in my arms cooing and smiling and giving me THE EYES.  Oh, the eyes.  What a little sweetie he is!  (Of course Presley is too, but he didn’t love on me  like his brother!)



Mommy (talk about a superwoman!  Love her!) told me that the only way they really have of telling the boys apart is the shape of their heads (I think I would have needed a bit more time with them to see it) and the shape of their belly buttons!  How cute are they!? She described them as “a smiley face” and “a candy cane”.  *dies*


Oh these boys.  The little details – eyelashes, belly buttons, noses… I know their wonderful parents and super great big siblings are swooning over their little features as much as I do!


Sweet boys, thanks for being such little hunks during your session – I enjoyed every single minute I spent with you and am excited to watch you grow!  I’m sure I’ll be seeing your Mommy and Daddy at Sam’s Club a lot in the future!



Your Chattanooga Newborn Photographer…

…er, Your Chattanooga Newborn TWIN Photographer!

Melody Hood