Senior Portraits – Ellaina – Class of 2014 Heritage High School – Chattanooga Senior Photographer

I’ve known Ellaina since she was in middle school, so I was thrilled when her mom, also my friend, decided she wouldn’t have anyone other than me take her Senior portraits! I still can’t believe she’s already a high school senior! Immediately, we started talking about outfits, makeup, hair, locations, ideas – all the fun stuff! We found some locations in Ringgold that fit Ellaina’s personality, and the look we were trying to achieve perfectly.

We started out at a little farm, which worked beautifully with her long lacy dress. I was in love with that dress. I could’ve photographed her all day.


chattanooga senior portraits country rustic outdoors ringgold ga


I loved the contrast of delicacy and the rustic background.


chattanooga tn ringgold ga outdoor senior photos photographer


Ellaina has a sweet and gentle soul. I would’ve known this even if I’d just met her that day. I like to get to know a bit about my Seniors and have their true self shine from their images.


chattanooga senior photos outdoor portraits


Ellaina and her mom hired a make-up artist. She is absolutely beautiful and doesn’t normally wear a ton of makeup.  The artist was able to amplify her beauty in a natural way, yet it still worked well with the camera. I always say, for the makeup to show up, and the beauty of your features to be highlighted in photographs, it’s bestto let a professional take care of you. They know what it takes. Even when I try to do my own makeup for portraits, I realize later that I definitely needed more, or something different. It makes a world of difference, and it’s also one less responsibility for you on photo shoot day.

outdoor senior portraits woods spring airy


Does she not look like an angel wandering about the forest? I liked the magical weeds around her.


airy beautiful senior portraits lace


This is fun. She had a navy blue dress with daisies on it. We had discussed wanting a field of flowers. I rode around searching for the best spots before the session and found this field full of yellow flowers…er… maybe weeds, but beautiful, nonetheless. What’s neat, is that this is right in front of her school.


chattanooga photographers senior dressy yellow flowers dance floral


Ellaina danced and danced and her mom laughed and laughed as we both became absolutely covered in hitchhikers. I wasthrilled that she was brave enough to go in! Well worth it, I’d say.


I love motion in pictures, and Ellaina was more than happy to do a little twirling and dancing. She was on the Heritage High School Dance Team and she is an amazing dancer!


chattanooga tennessee photography

I think Ellaina did an amazing job picking out her outfits! I just love seeing these happy  Spring colors.


chattanooga tn ringgold ga senior photos photographer spring portraitschattanooga tn ringgold ga senior portrait session photographer

I love this image of her laid back. It makes me think of daydreaming about the future. Not a care in the world. A million opportunities at your finger tips. You’re capable of anything, and the choices you make right now will shape your life. It’s always refreshing to see the life and excitement in a high school Senior’s eyes!

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Melody Hood