Newborn Photographer in Chattanooga – When Hopes Are Filled

My family is, in my eyes, complete with 4 kiddos.  However, that doesn’t keep me from longing to hold a sweet-smelling babe in my arms for just a little while.  It doesn’t mean I’m impervious to the dreamy milk coma smiles and the soft downy fuzz on their soft, delicate heads.   I usually get a pretty good baby fix as a newborn photographer in Chattanooga, but sometimes I need more.  Sometimes it’s a little awkward for me to kiss a baby I’ve just met… So I *ahem* LOVE to get my hands and lens on my friends’ babies.  They get a little extra snuggling.  I get to steal a kiss here and there and I get to relish having known about this baby since before she was a she for sure – sitting with coffee and talking with her momma about their plans for bedroom situation and names and wondering how the big brothers will react to the new babe.  It’s just bliss.  The expectation and the excitement and flush of love for a person so, so early in life.  It’s amazing.

And, to have the honor of photographing such a miracle is one of the biggest joys in my life – personally and professionally.   This is sweet Josephine.  She is profoundly beautiful and profoundly loved.



(Isn’t her headband precious?  It came from an amazing shop called Snippets and you can visit here to shop for your own goodies if you’d like!  I can’t help drooling over everything!)


Chattanooga Newborn Photographer


Hey there, Joie L.  I just want wanted to let you know how glad I am that you’re here!  I know I speak for a LOT of folks, far and wide, when I say, you are a light in our lives.  I know your mommy, your daddy and your superstar big brothers are going to shower you with affection and keep you safe, always.  Welcome to this crazy world!


Your Chattanooga Newborn Photographer


your friend.

Melody Hood