Are you unhappy with your wedding photographs? Win a FREE After-Session from us!

There are moments in life that you can’t get back, things that can’t really be redone, fixed, corrected… You can never get back those first few weeks with a newborn, forgetting to snap a photo on the first day of school (been there, done that), and you can never get back your wedding day. I’ve heard so many terrible stories, stories that made ME cry for people even… Stories of people who had terrible wedding photos and even stories of people never getting their photos at all. The best we can do at that point is an After-Session. We photograph dozens of them every year – for people who had terrible wedding photography, for people who simply wanted more photos, for people who had bad weather on their wedding day, and for people who wanted photos at a different location that just weren’t feasible to take on their wedding day.

It breaks my heart when people get bad wedding photos. So, here’s what I’m going to do. I am offering one couple the chance to have a free after-session. Completely on us. We’ll even cover the $250-300 photography fee that the locations charge.

How to enter:

Email your horrible wedding photo story to melodyhood@gmail.com along with photos from your wedding day.

We will post your story on our Facebook page, have your friends and family like our page and vote for your story.

The story with the most votes will win a complimentary After-Session at your choice of two locations – Barnsley Gardens in Adairsville, GA (about an hour away from Chattanooga, TN and about 30 minutes from Atlanta) or The Swan House in Atlanta, GA. These are two of the most gorgeous locations in the Southeast.

Every single person that enters will qualify for a discounted after-session from Innamorata Photography because we want you to have incredible photos to remember your love story with.

***PLEASE NOTE*** We will NOT post or publish your wedding photos, only your story and we will not publish the name of your photographer. Our goal is to get you some incredible photos, not to “out” or humiliate anyone. The photos are for our eyes only just to verify that you did, in fact, have bad wedding photos. It doesn’t matter if you were married last month or five years ago – there is no time limit. All you have to provide is your wedding attire.

Entries must be received by April 24th (my birthday!).

Contest will be decided by May 1st. The earlier you enter the better chance you have to win (aka – the longer it’s there the more votes you can get).

Below are some images from a a couple of our After-Sessions….


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