The Deluxe Santa Experience 2023

Includes the things listed below:

- Each child will receive an invitation from Santa in the mail (if booked at least 2 weeks prior to the session, and please note that we have no control over the speed of the mail)

- Child(ren) will spend half an hour with Santa. 

- Santa knows a lot about your child and will ask them about specific things you'd like for him to mention.

- There's a full page about each of your child(ren) in Santa's magic book (must book at least 5 days prior to session to ensure we have time to create this). 

- Your child(ren) will do several age appropriate activities with Santa.

- Child(ren) may bring a wishlist or letter to read with Santa.

- Santa will give your child a gift from him (that you've provided or have purchased from our special gift list).

- Your child(ren) will have Milk & Cookies with Santa.

- Santa will put your child(ren)'s name(s) on the nice list.

- Santa will mail your child a card or letter after the session.

- Includes 20 high resolution digital images from your session. 

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