Chattanooga Newborn Photographer – Sweet Baby Carolina

I may be a Chattanooga newborn photographer, but sometimes my clients come from further away.  Miss Carolina traveled from Dunlap to visit me!  I am so, so grateful that she did, too!  She was just such a precious baby girl.  Actually, their whole family is just fantastic!  Her big brother might be one of the sweetest little guys in the universe and mom and dad’s professions are both in service to the community (thank you both for all you do!) and they just put a smile on my face!  I love taking photos: truth.  I love babies: truth.  But one of the parts of my job that just warms my heart is getting to know people like Carolina’s family.  My path probably would never have crossed theirs if not for their newborn session.  I can absolutely assure you that my life is a bit brighter for the brief time I spent with them.  And that?  That is awesome.


Chattanooga Newborn Photographer

Baby kisses!  Oh my goodness – daddies and their little girls together make for a precious photo, but when you are able to get a little miss kissing on her daddy, it’s about more than I can handle!



Can you see the adoration in this photo?  I was changing lenses and had given big brother no instruction at all – I just looked up and saw him gazing lovingly at his little sister.  Look out, boys, this big brother isn’t going to let a single one of you break her heart!



Goodness, she is just too perfect.  Let’s talk about that head of hair.  My three-year-old doesn’t have a mane like that!  I wonder where she gets it…?


Oh.  Nevermind.  Her momma could be a model.  Makes sense when you see them together, doesn’t it?  Actually, a lot of things make sense when you see them together.  My daughters saw this image and said, “Mommy, I like her hair better than Ariel’s hair.”  (Talk about a compliment!)  And then they said, “She really loves her little baby, doesn’t she?”  Yes, kiddos, she absolutely does.



Thanks for coming down to Chattanooga to see me, Miss Carolina!  I think you’re a doll and I just love your family! Please come see me again soon!



Your Chattanooga Newborn Photographer

(Slash, Dunlap Newborn Photographer!)

Melody Hood