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I capture all kinds of Birth Stories – some are routine, some are planned and go according to the plan, others don’t.  Isabella’s Birth Story is one of those that started out simply and ended up with a happy ending, but the path wasn’t what Momma thought she’d be taking when the journey began.

And that’s okay. Because Isabella Grace made her way into this world bright-eyed and ready to go.

And I was there.



The day started out as Momma expected it to.  There was much waiting, a little discomfort, not a lot of sleep.  So many birth stories start out the same way.


Patiently waiting and diligently laboring, Mom, Dad, the anxious grandparents and I enjoyed one another’s company, laughter, and joy over the imminent birthday we were about to witness.



But, as we all know, when babies are involved, there are no guarantees.  Momma’s body and her little one weren’t in total agreement and the plans changed to include a Cesarian delivery of little Isabella.  Exhausted and ready to meet their babe, Mom and Dad took the change in stride.



Over the course of the day, I came to know Jonathan as a strong, fiercely protective and doting husband and father – achingly in love with his girls and devoted to them beyond measure.  I watched him walk with determination down the hall with his wife, worried, but with strength and resolve to keep her safe and stay by her side.



Because Mom was so exhausted from 18 hours of labor with no sleep and her body was tired and in pain, she ended up sleeping peacefully through the procedure while her husband held her hand and watched her rest calmly.  The wonderful doctors and nurses brought a lovely, alert, strong Isabella Grace into the world without any problems and Dad was able to spend some precious time bonding with his daughter in the operating room.


Isabella was so bright and calm and alert in her daddy’s arms; once she got her eyes open, she spent her afternoon gazing up at him, making faces and delighting all of us.


She took her first bath and helped herself to her first meal while Mommy snoozed on, recovering from her long, long day.  I stayed and documented all of those moments so Dad could snuggle with Isabella and so Momma would be able to look back at her Birth Story and not feel like she missed anything.


And so, after a trying, worrysome day, Daddy was able to walk back down that hallway with his wife in one bed and his daughter in another – once again determined and proud in his solemn role as protector of two precious ladies.



Isabella’s Birth Story isn’t a perfect one of simplicity and ease, but it is a perfect story of love and devotion.  It is a story of a family overcoming fear and worry and pain to become 3.  It is a story with a very happy ending.



Welcome to the world, Isabella Grace!  We’re glad you made it safe and sound!

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