Shannan & Jeremy . Engagement Session . Chattanooga Wedding Photographer

Things were a little bit crazy the day we did Shannan & Jeremy’s first engagement session. We had seveal locations selected, scouted out – everything all planned, and it seemed like the world was against us at every single stop. We show up at a park and there are gnats *everywhere*, we show up at a playground and there’s an Obama Election rally, we show up at the another park and the roads are mysteriously closed… We still managed to get some amazing images but I wanted to take them out for a few more. So, here’s a peek from Engagement Session #2 – You guys are awesome! I had a wonderful time, as always. I can’t wait until your wedding in May!shanjeremy3

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Melody Hood


  1. Allie on July 28, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    BEAUTIFUL work! Gorgeous setting & couple!!