Santa is Coming to Chattanooga Again! The 2017 Santa Portrait Experience

Chattanooga’s most amazing Santa portrait sessions are back!

What’s makes our Santa sessions special? It’s a VERY interactive experience. We want it to be magical for you and your child. We want them to leave with the biggest smile on their faces and filled with magic and wonder. Your child has a reserved session time where they’re able to spend one on one time with Santa – no lines, no wait, no pressure. Your child can warm up naturally to Santa and get to know him a bit. They do activities together and play, it’s not just a “Sit on Santa’s lap and smile” kind of session! Your child can give Santa a letter or read him a list if you’d like.

GET YOUR SANTA SESSION FREE! This year we are giving you a chance to get your session for free. If you refer 3 friends we will credit your session fee toward your order! You’ll need to go ahead and book and pay to reserve your time slot but we will credit the entire session fee toward your print or digital order!

Chattanooga Santa Photos

How much is it? 
The session fee is $45, which covers your time with Santa. Packages start at $75.

Book Here! There’s More information Below if you’d like to read it! 

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What are some special things people have done? We’ve had a gorgeous little girl who played her violin for Santa, a family who had Santa give their children their new puppy, we’ve done pregnancy announcements, so many fun and special things. If you’d like to incorporate something special in to your session please just let us know!

Special Santa Portraits

Where are the sessions held? At our studio. We are in the process of moving – if we don’t quite make it in time then the earlier sessions may be held at our current studio on Dayton Pike. If we get moved quickly enough we’ll be in downtown Chattanooga!

Who is photographing the Santa Sessions this year? Melody, Rachel, and Shannon will be working together to photograph your session with Santa and we have some incredibly fun ideas to make this year unique and different.

What about gifts? Santa will have a small gift for all of the children who come to visit, BUT we do offer gift drop off! You do have the option to bring a personalized gift that Santa can give to your child. Many parents have done this over the years we’ve had Santa at our studio and the look on your child’s face when they open something that they asked for that Santa just handed them is priceless and adds to the magic so we decided to offer it as an option to all families. Last year a client even brought a puppy! It was fantastic.

Chattanooga Santa Pictures

What else is new this year?
 We’ve streamlined our process! Instead of waiting on a gallery and then waiting on your photos to be delivered you will get to view and order the photos the day of the session. We will have your digital images sent to you within 72 hours of your session and prints will be available within 2 weeks.

What if my child is afraid of Santa? What if they cry the entire time? Honestly, most children warm up to our Santa very quickly and do very well with him but it does happen occasionally. If your child doesn’t do well with Santa we can photograph them alone or with you. Our Santa is truly amazing and we do everything we can to make your child comfortable, happy, and allow them to just have fun!

Session availability is very limited so please be sure to schedule yours before they fill up completely!

You can reserve your session using the buttons below, times will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. If you need a specific time please email us at info@innamorata.com and request it and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Santa Photos in Chattanooga

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