Eva & Scott’s Circus Wedding at The Chattanoogan and OLPH

When Eva and Scott walked in the door to my studio to talk to me about their wedding ceremony at OLPH and their reception at The Chattanoogan they had me at “We met when we were in the Circus together… our wedding will have a circus theme…”

We met in the CIRCUS? Come on, that doesn’t happen in real life. The circus? I’ve seen Big Fish at least 27 times. THEY met at the circus. Real, beautiful people meeting at the circus? And a circus themed wedding? And a stunningly gorgeous couple? Well, that could be the most amazing wedding of all time.

I assure you it turned out to be one of the best weddings of all time, for sure. Neither Scott or Eva or any of their family are from Chattanooga or live in Chattanooga so how they pulled off this grand, incredible circus themed wedding in a city nowhere near their home state of Florida, where they are students at FSU, is absolutely beyond me, but they did.

All of the friends and family stayed at the Chattanoogan where Scott & Eva also got ready for their gorgeous Catholic Wedding at Our Lady of Perpetual Help. OLPH is simply gorgeous on its own and the Chattanoogan is always stunning – now add circus decor? Yes please. The ceremony was beautiful and filled with laughter, tears, and emotion. I love that they took the time to take a photo with all of their guests since their guests traveled from all over the place to share their wedding day with them. The reception at The Chattanoogan was elegant and fun all at the same time with lots of juggling, lots of dancing, and a moderate amount of acrobatics.

And a sparkler exit with people juggling over their heads? Well, that doesn’t happen every day.

Thank you, Scott & Eva, for sharing your most incredibly unique wedding with us. We loved every minute of it!




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Melody Hood