Cyber Monday Deals – Mentoring for Photographers

2016-11-28_0009Sometimes we simply get stuck or don’t have the skills or knowledge to accomplish what we are trying to do. It’s frustrating. We’ve all been there at one or 1,000 points in our journey. Being artists sometimes it’s difficult to find balance with work/life/career/art. I get it. After 20 years in this industry I’ve seen more people come and go than I’ve seen people stick around. I want to help you stick around. I want to help you achieve your goals. I want to put a smile back on your face, help you grow more confident, talk to you, learn your personal goals, and help you achieve them. I want to see your frustrations melt away and for you to walk away confident that you can achieve what you want to whether photography is a business or a hobby for you.

This is the only time of year that you can purchase a discounted one on one mentoring session. Our studio is so busy the rest of the year that I generally don’t have the time to do them. I love mentoring photographers, helping you succeed is something I’m very passionate about. A one on one mentoring session is completely customized to your needs and goals and based on what you want to learn and is good for photographers of any skill level.


A few of the things I can teach you:

Photographing (couples/seniors/weddings/children/families/commercial assignments)
Off Camera Lighting

Studio Lighting
Using on camera flash
Getting it right in camera
How to find natural light
Photographing people at night
Shooting in full sun
Choosing lenses
Wedding Workflow
How to Book Weddings
How to Photograph Weddings
The business of photography
Camera Basics
Portfolio/Image Critique
Photo Editing
Editing workflow
Running your business more efficiently
And so very much more!




Please feel free to email info@innamorata.com with any questions about mentoring or you can click the link below to book yours!  Group mentoring sessions are available on a limited basis if you’d like to share a session with a friend or 5. In person mentoring is available in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Group mentoring is possible in other locations. Please email for more information.

Weekday mentoring session (you may book from 9am-2pm M-F): $495 (1 still available)

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Weekday evening mentoring session (you may book from 3:30pm-10pm M-Th): $549 (2 still available)

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Weekend mentoring session (Saturday & Sunday – flexible times): $649 (2 still available)

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Online mentoring session (via Go2Meeting): $299 (3 still available)

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*note that in-person mentoring sessions are 4 hours and must be completed before March 6, 2017, online mentoring sessions are 2 hours, are only available on weekdays or weekday evenings, and must be completed by April 30, 2017 – mentoring sessions are non-refundable*



Melody Hood is an internationally award winning photographer whose images have appeared in magazines, print ads, and various national ad campaigns. She shoots for Aéropostale and for several magazines on a regular basis. She has photographed engagements, weddings, commercial jobs, births and family milestones all over the United States and Internationally. She’s photographed half a million dollar weddings and weddings in church gyms. Melody has taught and mentored hundreds of photographers worldwide. She has spoken at WPPI, the worlds largest photography convention. She has been sponsored by, has spoken and taught for companies such as Elinchrom, Pocket Wizard, ProFoto, Pixel2Canvas, Vision Art, MeFoto and more. She’s taught workshops with Meg Bitton, Marc Eric, and other well known wedding and portrait photographers. She has created educational materials and Breakout Sessions for ClickinMom’s and has taught photographic lighting for many companies across the world.


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