Chattanooga Newborn Photographer – Lennon and Lawson’s Twin Newborn Session

I’m absolutely giddy to introduce you to Lawson (the little guy with the dreamy smile) and his 6-minute-older big sister, Lennon!  I am still prone to goosebumps when I recall their birth!  Because they were teeny and a bit early, both kiddos had to spend a little time in the NICU but were none the worse for their stay there.  When I got ahold of these two, they were breathtakingly beautiful.  Nursing like superstars, and sleeping similarly, they made their session an absolute dream. You’ve heard of people spoiling  babies, of course, but these babies spoiled their newborn photographer for sure!


Chattanooga Newborn Photographer

From the moment they entered the world, you could see Lennon is a miniature version of her stunning mommy.  She has to-die-for skin and the most incredible little lips.


Little Lawson is just like his daddy – with lighter skin and eyelashes for days.


My goodness.  It’s amazing to me to see twins together outside the womb.  Their connection, their love, their instinct for touch… They’re such special little people, twins are.  Even though my own girl twins are nearly 5 years old, I *still* look at them in amazement that they lived and grew together inside me.


Proud Dad marveling at his two little miracle babies.  Oh, my heart!


And… I spy two big sisters who are beyond happy to have these little bits to snuggle!  I know Lawson is going to be spoiled sweet with his THREE big sisters!  I just love it!


Sweet babes, you are the light in so many eyes.  I know you’ll grow big and strong and happy surrounded by love and affection.  Thanks to your amazing family for allowing me to spend time with you and indulge the snuggle-cravings I’ve had since the day you were born!



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Melody Hood