Lauren & Jeremiah’s Chattanooga Destination Wedding

Lauren and Jeremiah are from New Jersey and wanted a gorgeous southern wedding so they came to Chattanooga, Tennessee, after all, what’s more perfectly southern than Tennessee? Believe it or not, we’ve had a ton of clients decide to have big, amazing destination weddings here. We’re always thrilled when they choose us and choose our gorgeous city.

Lauren and Jeremiah chose lovely venues and assembled a dream team of wedding professionals for their wedding day. I have to give credit to all of them for their professionalism and genuinely making their wedding day perfect. As you’ll see in the photos, it was truly a perfect southern wedding!

Wedding Coordinator – Khloe Jackson Events
Ceremony Venue – 901 Lindsay (formerly Lindsay Street Hall)
Reception Venue – The Peyton
Catering, Linens, & Bartending – Events With Taste
Alcohol & Beverages – Riverside Wine & Spirits
Flowers & Decor – The Clay Pot
Music, Draping, & Photo Booth – Sound Force
Cakes & Desserts – Kimmie’s Cakes
Hair & Makeup – Bangs & Blush
Bus Transportation – Littmore Transportation
Hotel Accommodations (and getting ready) – The Historic Read House Hotel
Photography & Videography – Innamorata Photography with Kelcurt Media

It was a sweet, emotional, sentimental wedding day. Lauren, who’d lost her father, wore photos of him on clips on her shoes so that her Daddy could “walk her down the aisle”. Her bouquet was lovingly wrapped in one of her fathers shirts. Lauren’s son walked her down the aisle where Jeremiah awaited with teary eyes to greet his gorgeous bride at 901 Lindsay, he also served as Best Man. Following the ceremony friends and family who’d traveled near and far greeted each other for cocktail hour at The Peyton. After a grand entrance guests were greeted by Lauren & Jeremiah and sat down for a perfectly catered meal from Events with Taste. Lauren’s sweet son, Joey, gave what was perhaps the most moving and sentimental wedding toast I’ve heard, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. The cake was cut, drinks were poured, and dancing commenced until it was time for Lauren and Jeremiah to leave with a perfect sparkler exit.

Thank you for having us share your special day with you, Lauren, Jeremiah, and Joey. We wish the three of of a lifetime of love, laughter, and happiness!


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