Bunnies, lambs, baby goats, sheep, and more! Outdoor Spring Mini Sessions!

Perfect for Easter photos or just to have, we are booking Mini Sessions with bunnies, a baby goat, sheep, lambs, and possibly another visitor or two. These sessions will be different from our regular mini sessions. We’ll have a couple of different setups but the goal is to create a beautiful fine art image for you to cherish. You’ll receive a handful of images to choose from and they will be magical.

What you need to know…

* The bunnies who will be posing in your photos come from a wonderful woman who owns a petting zoo, her name is Sandy. They’re very used to being handled, very calm around children, and Sandy is there the entire time helping pose the animals and insure that they, and your children, are safe at all times.

* She’s also providing us with several other animals. Some of the animals aren’t well suited for toddlers. If you have small children and would like photos with the sheep or other large animals we suggest you come prepared to be in the photos with them as they are larger animals and can be a little rambunctious.

*Providing you with gorgeous photos that are taken safely with animals used to being handled and professionally cared for is something we take very seriously. We will not ever purchase bunnies or other animals for sessions and return/rehome them, we take animal safety and welfare very seriously.

* The sessions will take place on a farm in Apison, TN.

* There are several package options available, packages start at $75

* Yes, boys are welcome too! We just didn’t have any available for photos this day.

* It’s going to be amazing and fun and chaotic and we are so very excited to be able to do these sessions!

* Just book already, I promise you won’t regret it 🙂

You can book your session by clicking on the link for the package you’d like below. We will assign you a time (you may request one by emailing info@innamorata.com) a week prior to the session and email you all of the necessary information.


Session Fee

Book Saturday, April 1st
Sorry, we are FULLY BOOKED for this date.

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