Beautiful Bouquets . Divine Designs by Amanda

Quite some time ago I photographed some beautiful floral arrangements for some new advertising materials for The White Table here in Chattanooga and for Amanda Williams of Divine Designs by Amanda who is an absolutely incredible floral designer. I had an absolute blast photographing a variety of gorgeous table set ups, bouquets, and linens. We went all over Chattanooga setting up tables, chairs, and floral arrangements. We headed to The Walden Club, The Mill in downtown Chattanooga, The Fairyland Club, and a variety of alleys and side streets along the way. It was an amazing experience and a wonderful chance to be able to see so many different decorating ideas. I’m sure I’ll be using several of them for my own wedding! Here are some of the images of Amanda’s amazing creations – If you’re looking for wedding bouquet ideas or ideas for uniquely stunning centerpieces here’s the place to look – she has so many stunningly gorgeous designs. Things I never would have thought to mix – she perfects.  I’m always amazed by her talent and creativity. I’ll be posting more from The White Table soon!

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Melody Hood