2012 Creativity Workshop with Melody Hood & Andrea Joki . October 12-14, 2012 . Chattanooga Photography Workshop

We are officially announcing the fourth annual Creativity Workshop for Photographers with Andrea Joki and Melody Hood in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The workshop will be held October 12-14 (Friday through Sunday).

The workshop provides in-depth demonstration and hands-on work in portrait photography, using flash and natural light to master any lighting and location situation, and added emphasis on workflow and effective post processing of your images.

All classes are jointly presented by Melody and Andrea; both presenters are available to all students throughout the three days. Class attendance is strictly limited to ensure full instruction attention. Shooting days are broken up in to groups with enough models that you will have plenty of one on one interaction with them and will be able to get the shots you want. Melody and Andrea are both open books, there are no questions they won’t answer openly and honestly.

A non refundable $849.50 deposit will reserve you a spot at the workshop. The remainder of $849.50 is due before the first day of the workshop.

To reserve your seat for the workshop, email Andrea or Melody at photolearningresource@gmail.com for payment information.

Workshop attendees should have a good basic knowledge of their camera (shooting in manual modes) and a basic understanding of Photoshop. The workshop schedule includes:

Day 1: Portfolio reviews, discussion of effective portrait concepts including lighting, composition, and using the environment. Followed by actual shooting on location – solving difficult shooting problems including using reflectors, scrims, and finding the best light.

Day 2: A shooting day: working with flashes, speedlights, and strobes. Off Camera Flash tools will be covered and we will practice OCF on actual subjects for a variety of problematic light situations. Fill flash, balancing the ambient versus the flashed light, and shooting for drama and impact are covered. Choosing Natural light locations will also be covered.

Day 3: The first half of the day covers hard business topics such as customer products, relations, marketing and pricing. The latter half of the day is dedicated to learning quick and efficient workflow using Lightroom 4, color theory, harnessing the most useful features of Photoshop CS5/6 (liquify, retouch work, safe color pops), and creating clean images with correct color and rich depth. Students are encouraged to post process images at the workshop and then receive feedback on their methods.

The workshop cost is $1699 and covers all three days of instruction, a take home workbook, and catered lunches on all three days. Payment is due before the workshop begins and is non refundable. Attendees need to have their own transportation to and from site. Accommodation recommendations are available. Prior to the workshop a Facebook group will be created for the attendees in order to help you get to know each other, share transportation, and find roommates if desired.

A wide variety of door prizes from our sponsors will be given to participants.

Email photolearningresource@gmail.com for availability, any questions you may have, and payment information.

About the Instructors:

Melody Hood and Andrea Joki make a very unique team. Melody is from Chattanooga, TN and is primarily a wedding/event and commercial photographer who specializes in creating fantastic lighting and getting everything right in the camera. Andrea is based out of Helsinki, Finland and is primarily a portrait photographer who specializes in finding incredible light and is an editing guru. They often joke that they could combine themselves to make the worlds best photographer, but that probably isn’t really a joke, they’re both exceptionally talented at what they do. Together, they own Photographers Learning Resource – a business that teaches photographers via live webinar and also hosts several workshops annually, and an international commercial photography company called L’amore Photography. Individually they own Innamorata Photography by Melody Hood, and Ajaton Joki by Andrea Joki. Their Master class at WPPI 2012 in Las Vegas was the very first class to sell out.

Melody Hood

is an award winning, Chattanooga based photographer whose images have appeared in magazines, print ads, and various national ad campaigns. Melody’s past clients include Aeropostale, Woman’s Day Magazine, People Magazine, and many other worldwide publications. She is a founding member of Modern Photographers, an organization of professional photographers where membership is based on reputation, skill, and artistic ability. She is a member, in good standing, of the Professional Photographers Association and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

Melody has run her own successful photography business for over 13 years and has more than 20 years experience in the industry. As a single mother with two children, Melody’s income is derived completely from her photography business. This keeps her focus and passionate about providing the best products and services to her clients.

Melody’s photographic strengths are capturing emotion and the connection that her subjects have, lighting and understanding the most effective way to light any situation, and working in difficult situations at difficult times.

Melody is a wedding photographer who also photographs commercial jobs, editorial assignments, portraits, boudoir, and a variety of other sessions. As a beta-tester for Pocket Wizards newest products Melody is always up-to-date on the latest technology in lighting triggers.

You can find more information about Melody at her business page: https://clients.websterpark.io/innamorata.com or on her Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/innamorataphoto


Andrea Joki

is an American photographer based in Helsinki, Finland. She has worked professionally as a photographer since the mid 1990s, when she used her skills for product shots and marketing/design. Over time, she transitioned into portrait work and founded her business, Ajaton Joki. She has used Photoshop for design work since 1994 and counts her familiarity with the program a huge asset to her photography. Her work has been featured in magazines and gallery exhibitions and she has taught over 25 workshops around the world, from Australia to America to Europe.

Andrea’s strengths are in location photography: reading the light, compositions with 3D depth and interest, and photography fine artistry. Andrea is a resident of Helsinki, Finland, but travels across the globe on assignment.

You can find more information about Andrea at her business page/blog: https://www.ajatonjoki.com or see her most recent work at her Facebook business page: https://www.facebook.com/AjatonJoki

Some images from our previous workshops….

photography workshop chattanooga las vegas nevada nelson graveyard plane

photography workshop chattanooga las vegas nevada nelson graveyard plane

photography workshop chattanooga las vegas nevada nelson graveyard plane

photography workshop chattanooga las vegas nevada nelson graveyard plane

photography workshop chattanooga las vegas nevada nelson graveyard plane

photography workshop chattanooga las vegas nevada nelson graveyard plane

Melody Hood