About Melody


I began studying photography from one of my professional photographer uncles 28 years ago. I learned the real art of photography with film long before digital photography came about. I've been a professional photographer for 20 years. I photographed my first wedding 17 years ago and I've photographed more than 700 weddings since then. Every wedding is a unique and incredible experience for me.

I have a picture framed on my desk. My grandmother and grandfather, 62 years ago, right after they were married. I look at it every day. What I wouldn't give to see their wedding day, to transport myself back there and see the love, the light in their eyes - the same light I could still see when they were together, before my grandfather passed away. Unfortunately there wasn't anyone there to capture their day. I'll never see her dress, her nervous excitement, their hands clasped together, or the look on his face when he caught his first glimpse of her.

62 years from now I want your grandchildren, your great grandchildren to be able to relive your wedding day. I want them to be able to sit in your lap and look at the history of your love and to *feel* it, experience it as though they were there. I want you to be able to look at your album when you're old and gray and be able to feel what you were feeling the very moment that each photograph was taken.

I've been a photographer for years. Now I want to be your storyteller.

Melody Hood is an internationally award winning photographer whose images have appeared in magazines, print ads, and various national ad campaigns. She shoots for Aéropostale and for several magazines on a regular basis. She has photographed engagements, weddings, commercial jobs, births and family milestones all over the United States and Internationally. Melody has taught and mentored hundreds of photographers worldwide. She has spoken at WPPI, the worlds largest photography convention. She is a founding member of Modern Photographers, an organization of professional photographers where membership is based on reputation, skill, and artistic ability. She has been sponsored by, has spoken and taught for companies such as Elinchrom, Pocket Wizard, ProFoto, Pixel2Canvas, Vision Art, MeFoto and more. She’s taught workshops with well known wedding and portrait photographers. She has created educational materials and Breakout Sessions for ClickinMom’s and has taught photographic lighting for many companies across the world. She is a member, in good standing, of the Professional Photographers Association and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. She also volunteers for the American Child Photographers Charity Guild, Help-Portrait, Emily's Power for a Cure, the Austin Hatcher Foundation, and photographs adoptable foster children for the Heart Gallery.