Chattanooga Newborn Photographer

Chattanooga Newborn Photographer – Lennon and Lawson’s Twin Newborn Session

March 10, 2014

I’m absolutely giddy to introduce you to Lawson (the little guy with the dreamy smile) and his 6-minute-older big sister, Lennon!  I am still prone to goosebumps when I recall their birth!  Because they were teeny and a bit early, both kiddos had to spend a little time in the NICU but were none the worse…

Ali & Reaves Chattanooga Wedding at Manker Patten Tennis Club

March 3, 2014

In Chattanooga wedding season typically begins in March.  The weather is usually mild, warm enough for an outdoor wedding. It rarely snows here, if it does then it’s two inches in December or January. By February it’s springtime again. As you can see from the photos – spring had arrived. The trees were blooming, the…

One Year Anniversary – Chattanooga Couples Photographer

February 27, 2014

Many couples are excited about having engagement portraits taken and their wedding photographed. Then it all ends. Some may choose to be included in a maternity, newborn or family portrait as their family eventually grows. But what about pictures just for them? Just because? I believe it is so important to capture who you are…

Newborn Photographer in Chattanooga – When Hopes Are Filled

February 26, 2014

My family is, in my eyes, complete with 4 kiddos.  However, that doesn’t keep me from longing to hold a sweet-smelling babe in my arms for just a little while.  It doesn’t mean I’m impervious to the dreamy milk coma smiles and the soft downy fuzz on their soft, delicate heads.   I usually get…

Chattanooga Newborn Photographer – Identical Twin Boys!

February 24, 2014

I don’t know how many sets of twins I’ve photographed since becoming a newborn photographer in Chattanooga, but it’s quite a few.  Maybe it’s because I have endless patience or because I have a set of twins myself, but I absolutely love working with multiples!  However, in all of that time, this is my very…

Senior Portraits – Ellaina – Class of 2014 Heritage High School – Chattanooga Senior Photographer

February 19, 2014

I’ve known Ellaina since she was in middle school, so I was thrilled when her mom, also my friend, decided she wouldn’t have anyone other than me take her Senior portraits! I still can’t believe she’s already a high school senior! Immediately, we started talking about outfits, makeup, hair, locations, ideas – all the fun…

Chattanooga Newborn Photographer

The Little Sister – Chattanooga Newborn Photographer

February 17, 2014

We are so professionally fortunate to have such a strong, supportive and friendly network of photographers in Chattanooga.  When a fellow Chattanooga newborn photographer, Jennifer of  Wilkerson Photography, was expecting her third baby, she was so kind as to refer clients to us during her maternity leave.  I’m not sure, actually, if there is a…

Dillon & Bethany’s Berry College Wedding – Rome, GA Photographers

February 16, 2014

Berry College Weddings are always beautiful. Dillon and Bethany’s was no exception. They had a beautiful ceremony at the chapel on the campus in Rome, GA. Most of our couples have had their ceremony at the Frost Chapel on the Mountain Campus. This was a treat for us! The Chapel was gorgeous! Dillon is the baseball…

Welcome Lennon AND Lawson | Chattanooga Birth Photographer

February 12, 2014

There is so much about Lennon and Lawson’s birth that astounds me… I don’t really know where to begin with their story, except in the beginning – over a year ago.  Possibly two. Meredith contacted me a long time ago to tell me she and her husband were praying for a baby and that they…

A Weekend of Saving – Our Thanks to You

November 28, 2013

 THANK YOU. This past year, we, as a studio group, have had so much to be thankful for. We’ve grown as a team and opened our beautiful, cozy studio space, and we’ve expanded our client family. We’ve seen our existing clients grow their families and enjoyed our relationships with each and every one of you.…