About Shannon


I am Shannon. As a small child, I used to flip through my grandparents many photo albums and just get taken back into a timeframe I never experienced. I loved seeing my grandparents as young adults, my aunt and uncles as children, slowly growing through each new album, and enjoying family vacations and outings, and one by one, becoming parents themselves. They photographed every major event, milestone, and although I was one of the youngest of all the grandchildren, I still felt like I was able to experience some small part of it. Getting my hands on my mother and fathers albums and seeing their life before me or my brother, I loved seeing how silly and fun loving they were, as well as how in love they were before I had ever laid my young eyes on them. I could just spend hours with these piles of albums and loose prints and not even realize how much time had passed. And now, I love being able to provide those types of memories for others to enjoy for the rest of their lives, and hopefully their children and grandchildren as beyond.

Shannon grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana and Shelbyville, Indiana. She currently resides in Cleveland, Tennessee along with her husband, two children, and three cats. She joined Innamorata Photography during her fourth year of business. She has spent much of her time volunteering for the Domestic Abuse charters and charities.