about us

Innamorata Photography is a carefully chosen group of photographers. Each photographer has specialties that they have finely tuned and continue to study, learn about, and excel at. While each photographer is skilled in many areas they are the best in the area at their specialties. We strive to give each client an incredible experience and amazing images. Innamorata Photography is owned and was founded by Melody Hood.


I began studying photography from one of my professional photographer uncles 26 years ago. I learned the real art of photography with film long before digital photography came about. I’ve been a professional photographer for 18 years (I look much younger than I actually am). I photographed my first wedding 13 years ago and I’ve photographed more than 400 weddings since then. Every wedding is a unique and incredible experience for me.

I have a picture framed on my desk. My grandmother and grandfather, 62 years ago, right after they were married. I look at it every day. What I wouldn’t give to see their wedding day, to transport myself back there and see the love, the light in their eyes – the same light I could still see when they were together, before my grandfather passed away. Unfortunately there wasn’t anyone there to capture their day. I’ll never see her dress, her nervous excitement, their hands clasped together, or the look on his face when he caught his first glimpse of her.

62 years from now I want your grandchildren, your great grandchildren to be able to relive your wedding day. I want them to be able to sit in your lap and look at the history of your love and to *feel* it, experience it as though they were there. I want you to be able to look at your album when you’re old and gray and be able to feel what you were feeling the very moment that each photograph was taken.

I’ve been a photographer for years. Now I want to be your storyteller.

. . .

Melody Hood is an internationally award winning photographer whose images have appeared in magazines, print ads, and various national ad campaigns. She shoots for Aéropostale and for several magazines on a regular basis. She has photographed engagements, weddings, commercial jobs, births and family milestones all over the United States and Internationally. Melody has taught and mentored hundreds of photographers worldwide. She has spoken at WPPI, the worlds largest photography convention. She is a founding member of Modern Photographers, an organization of professional photographers where membership is based on reputation, skill, and artistic ability. She is a member, in good standing, of the Professional Photographers Association and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. She also volunteers for the American Child Photographers Charity Guild, Help-Portrait and photographs adoptable foster children for the Heart Gallery.



I have loved photography all my life.

I started out with a disposable camera as a kid, then my sweet Mama got me a Canon Rebel film camera as a teen, and now photography has been my profession for about 5 years. My handsome Paul supports, encourages, and loves me with a God inspired love. My babies are my muse. They show me the good stuff that we never want to forget. They all open my heart and help me slow down and enjoy and preserve this life.

There’s lots of prayer and preparation that goes into each and every photo shoot that I do. I want your images to speak to you and be a blessing. I love Senior sessions because I feel that I can be a little more free and creative. We always have a great time, and I’ve never walked away from a session without a new friend or two.

Weddings are an all around dream for me. I love all things weddings and marriage! You can pretty much bet on a few Amanda tears falling at each and every wedding. I can’t help it, I just love, love. I invest my own emotions, time, efforts and love in my weddings because I want to get down deep and preserve your wedding day the way that it deserves to be preserved. It all goes by too fast, and I want you to be able to relive and feel your beautiful, special day any time, for the rest of your life.

I love that a photograph can elicit emotions that are exclusive to a certain time in one’s life. When you look at an image, I want you to be able to feel it, just like you’re there, breathing in that moment, hearing the laughter of your loved ones, feeling the softness or roughness of their skin, smelling the aromas that are unique to that moment, and letting your heart overflow, almost bursting with joy and love. Being a mommy, all I want is for time to stand still so I can soak in who and what my babies are. Thank God for photography. Without it, I could never go back!
It is a huge honor to me that someone would choose me to document something so personal and important to them! I pray that the photos I provide to my clients are more than they could imagine and that my services can be a ministry that gives God all the glory!

. . .

Amanda resides in Ringgold, GA with her husband, Paul, and their two children.



I am a wife and a mother, foremost. I am a sister, an optimist, a friend and goofball.

I have the most amazing family. Nathan, my husband, is a great man, a provider and supporter. He is my true love and I admire every thing about him. There are so many adventures ahead of us and I can’t wait to explore them all with him. There is my son, Ethan. He constantly amazes me with his extreme intelligence & unique personality. He keeps me on my toes & ready for anything. Ethan has Autism and having a son on the spectrum has taught me so much about patience & understanding. Not only for him but also for others that surround us. He has also given me a passion for others with special needs. Now, I have a daughter, Norah. She’s only a little baby and learning new things each and every day. She has truly completed my little family.

As a photographer, there is something so magical about photographing people. Capturing memories, love, childhood and so many other parts of this life that make up who we are. I often feel honored to be a part of the families I photograph, to give them something to treasure forever.

I have always had a passion for photography. I was always the girl at the party with a camera or the friend offering to take pictures of you, just for fun. This was before MySpace or Facebook and before everything was so digital. I loved finishing off a roll of film and impatiently waiting to see what I had created.

I am now five years into photographing families, babies and weddings professionally. This career has truly been Heaven sent. I have more than enjoyed spending time with different people, learning who they are and what makes them happy. I’ve made many friends along the way and hope to continue to photograph new and exciting adventures; your adventures.

. . .

Amanda resides in Chattanooga, TN with her husband and their two children.



I am Melissa. I cannot tell you who I am as a photographer without telling you about who I am as a mother. I have been blessed with four amazing young children who inspire me and push me and strengthen me.

I picked up a camera to document the lives of my children when my husband was a submariner in the Navy; the only way he experienced our son’s life during the first year was through the photographs I was able to send to sea. I learned then that what seems insurmountable today will fade away tomorrow, so I document all I can through photography. Like motherhood, I jumped into photography with both feet and my whole soul, and in all things, I strive each day to become better.

I do not dwell on unfolded clothes. I am stubborn and loyal. I have been graced with an incredible capacity for patience, and I love to snuggle. I have become so enamored with my own journey that I have automatically gravitated towards newborn photography and the intimate documentation of births of all kinds. I savor those precious, fleeting moments and see the beauty and art of the gift of each new life.

. . .

Melissa resides in Chattanooga with her husband, Justin, and their four children. In her third year of business as a newborn, child and family photographer, Melissa joined Innamorata Photography to specialize in newborn and birth photography. She volunteers with McKamey Animal Center and The American Cancer Society and has worked with Inspiration Through Art to help children with life-altering illnesses and conditions tell their stories in photographs.



Mike Houston has been photographing weddings with us for the past 5 years. He is specializing in Weddings, Senior Portraits in the Dalton, GA area, and Commercial Photography. He’s photographed at least 100 weddings with Melody and dozens on his own. He’s been Melody’s “right hand man” for years.

Mike studied photography while in college where he began photographing sports and landscapes. Nine years ago he started getting more serious about photography, took some classes, and began photographing portraits. He loves the emotion and the chaos of a wedding and the opportunity to capture the emotional moments that most people don’t see. He’s photographed commercial jobs for large companies such as Shaw Industries and for Paula Deen.

. . .

Mike volunteers for Help Portrait and several local school and church organizations. He lives in Dalton, GA with his beautiful wife, Tammy, his three wonderful children, and two crazy dogs.



When I was younger, I used to make Barbie houses. Not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill Barbie Dream House, but elaborate homes made from everyday objects: apartments made from wooden shelves, sofas from paperback books, ballet barres from chopsticks. That ability to look at common objects and see something more in them has stuck with me and guided my career path.

I come to the position of photo editor via interior design. I am a licensed interior designer, who specializes in commercial spaces. I view photography with a designer’s eye, focusing on the details, colors, forms and textures of everyday life.

. . .

Jill teaches courses in sketching and computer applications in the Interior Design department at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She lives in Chattanooga with her husband, Seth, their son Max, and their mini schnauzer, Monty.




After spending many years in front of the camera, Curtis Cecil has found his truest calling behind it. With over six years of experience, Cecil has an excellent vision of what each project should become and a strong background in many fields that enables him to ensure that each venture remains unique. As the Creative Director of his own successful videography firm and studio, he has worked with many photography groups over the years, but is especially excited to join forces with Innamorata Photography and share his outstanding experience, skills, and vision.

. . .

Born and raised on a farm in Trenton, Ohio, Cecil still enjoys farming and gardening at his home in Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee.




Kelly Flemings is thrilled to bring his experience as Enhancement Coordinator of his own successful videography firm and studio to this partnership with Innamorata Photography. For six years, Flemings has worked alongside Curtis Cecil on hundreds of videography projects for a wide range of clients. From weddings to OEM training to theatrical and music videos and everything in between, he has brought his distinctive style to help produce video that is seen locally, nationally and worldwide.

. . .

Flemings enjoys a variety of hobbies when not behind the camera, including reading, gardening and cooking. Cleaning is not one of his passions.




Ashley is the person responsible for everything financial. She’s the amazing accountant who keeps our books straight, pays taxes, renews licenses, sends invoices, and makes sure everything that keeps the business running is done.

Melody met Ashley when she photographed her wedding at Tennessee Riverplace 6 years ago.

Ashley resides in Chattanooga, TN with her husband, Michael, and their son, Atticus.